SLD Residence

SLD Residence by Davidov Partners Architects

This monolithic residence in a Melbourne suburb isolates itself visually and acoustically, only letting natural light proliferate the space.

Meeting its client’s desire to carve out a bit of natural wonder in the midst of an inner suburb of Melbourne, Australia, Davidov Partners Architects has done an exceptional job of separating its SLD Residence from the vehicles and pedestrian traffic along its busy main street frontage, as well as incorporating high-quality natural materials and designs that stress the proliferation of natural light.

For maximum visual and acoustic isolation, the SLD Residence suspends a monolithic first floor over a recessed lower level with an easily accessible garage. This floor is organized around two primary rooms – one large common space dedicated to everyday living and an area that’s ideal for entertaining both residents and guests. The master bedroom also occupies a portion of the first floor, adhering to a “hotel suite” concept that provides free-flowing transitions among an ensuite space, a dressing room area, and the bedroom itself.