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Legacy Chevrolet Napco Conversion

The hand-built Legacy Chevrolet Napco Conversion offers performance and utility wrapped in a classic package.

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Although trucks are supposed to be dependable work horses, most modern trucks have lost the sense of occasion and romance once associated with pickup trucks as they focus on their utilitarian nature. No longer do we see any hint of design as we lament the demise of classic design and watch modern pickup trucks become glorified appliances. The folks at Legacy Classic Trucks, based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, seem to share our sentiment, creating hand-crafted vehicles based on old-school principles by restoring and converting beautiful trucks from the past. Their latest effort is the Legacy Chevrolet Napco Conversion, based on the beautiful Chevy Napco that was produced from ’55 to ’59.

It’s a complete turn-key recreation, with sports car performance in a package that delivers massive utility. The fully customizable conversion can be had with a choice of motors that will propel the classic beauty to 60 in 5.5 or 7.5 seconds, depending on your engine choice. With an impressive attention to detail, Legacy has combed through the entire truck from the exterior to the interior, upgrading and sometime manufacturing their own parts to bring the truck up to modern day standards. It’s solid build should last the lifetime of the owner and soldier on from generation to generation.