Layover Travel Blanket

Layover Travel Blanket

The perfect addition to your carry-on, this compact blanket keeps you warm and comfortable en route.

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$ 84+

When it comes to travel, space is incredibly important. Yet you still need to remain comfortable, and if there’s one thing you know about air travel, it’s that flying can be chilly. Of course, using one of the offered blankets isn’t always the best idea, because you have no idea where it’s been or when it was last washed. Instead, the Layover Travel Blanket might be what you need.

The perfect addition to your carry-on luggage, this blanket actually starts out as a pillow that’s great for propping up against windows or on seats when you’re waiting for your flight. When you could use some warmth, it opens up into a full blanket with an insulated foot pouch for cold feet, leg pouches, and even an envelope pocket so you can store your odds and ends. The Layover Travel Blanket is currently available for backing on Kickstarter.