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Kuvée Smart Wine System

The internet connected wine bottle that offers a smarter way to enjoy a variety of wine (and get drunk).

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The Kuvée Smart Wine System is a internet connected wine bottle. It’s basically a hollowed out wine bottle with a touch screen that promises to keep your open bottle of wine good for up to 30 days by keeping oxygen out. This is a revolutionary concept, as an open bottle of wine goes bad after a day or two. It also enables the user to open more than one bottle at a time, great for situations when you’re at a party where your guests’ wine preference varies drastically and can’t agree on just one bottle.

All you have to do is slide in the metal bottle that contains the wine into your Kuvée, and you will be able to enjoy your wine of choice. The screen displays all the relevant information about the wine you’re enjoying, and if you run out of wine, you can quickly order more directly from the screen as well.