Koto Ilo Play Cabin

Koto Ilo Play Cabin

A beautifully crafted miniature Nordic cabin for your little ones that you won’t mind spending some time in yourself.

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We’ve had playhouses as children, but they were a giant hunk of plastic that ended up falling apart a day after our parents spent hours putting them together. They also looked terrible in the yard or pushed up against a wall somewhere. Well, not for your children, because Koto Design has the Ilo Play Cabin.

Built in the UK using light timber panels and minimalist Scandinavian design, the Koto Ilo is a beautifully crafted outdoor cabin (with a name that means “joy” in Finnish). With plenty of window cuts to allow in the gentle summer breeze, this playhouse is a perfect blank canvas for children and their imagination. Heck, if we bought it we’d probably spend a few days in it ourselves.