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Konohazuk H3 Wooden Headphone

A quick glance at the world of music will reveal a close tie to wood, a material that many musical instruments, speakers, and acoustic panels in concert halls are made from. This is mostly because reverberation and attenuation rates of sound within wood is more suitable for our ears compared to other materials. Given that, it’s surprising, and a bit of a shame, how most of the headphones on the market are made from plastic.

The Konohazuk H3 Wooden Headphone is a whole new take on headphones, using wood as its main material. Made from Japanese beachwood, the minimal design of the headphone accentuates the wood grain that adds a depth of organic beauty not easily found in products made from plastic. Not only that, the Japanese beech wood maximizes sound in a way that naturally recreates the music you are listening to, while the 40mm speaker driver is tuned to create a balanced and natural sound. Wholly unique and also environmentally friendly, these finely crafted headphones will let you enjoy your music more with every use.