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Kingston Customs BMW R100 RS

The Good Ghost Is A Steampunk BMW R100 RS Built For Grand Touring

The 1980 BMW R100 RS Good Ghost built by Kingston Customs is a steampunk work of art.

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This steampunk rider is actually a 1980 BMW R100 RS dressed in nearly 50 pounds of aluminum cladding. Dirk Oehlerking is the man responsible for creating Kingston Customs BMW R100 RS, called the Good Ghost. This is part of a series of custom bikes, but this is the only one with a streamliner look. Besides looking like a vintage Royal Motor GP racer, the BMW’s twin-cylinder, 72 horsepower, boxer engine and chassis remain stock apart from a stainless manifold and a custom gas tank. 

The Good Ghost was a labor of love with evidence in the details. The shift paddle and foot brake lever were built by hand. The leather seat extends to the handlebars and wraps around the incorporated gauge cluster, giving it a tool-belt appearance. Upfront, the bike uses a single headlight with BMW’s signature kidney grille underneath. Looking at the bike head-on, it does look like a Ghost staring back at you. The Good Ghost is also a practical motorcycle with storage space under the seat to fit a wine bottle, and two flaps on either side of the rear wheel carrying a toolkit and silverware collection for dignified eating during a grand tour. The Good Ghost was commissioned by the Haas Moto Museum of Dallas, Texas. This is the sort of motorcycle you plan your outfit around. It would be an insult to wear regular street clothes while riding the Good Ghost. Suit up!