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[3] Hypocam House by Wutopia Lab

Hypocam House by Wutopia Lab

The house features a meditation room and a beautiful courtyard as part of a layout designed to put the mind at ease.

When it comes to new architecture built in China you probably think of massive glass super-structures with expansive ceiling to floor windows and possibly some industrial elements. While there is some of this, you may be surprised as to how much of a New-age European design some buildings have, like the Hypocam House by Wutopia Lab. This beautifully constructed white and gray stone facade looks more at home in a former British Colony, where previous English construction elements were updated, similar to what’s found scattered about in Singapore. However, this building, constructed in Shanghai, is all an updated renovation. In fact, the architects were not allowed to alter the current design of the building. 

In order to offer a fresh take, new colors and textures were applied to walls, in order to offer a retro design with a modern feel. Contrasting colors are used and often bold splashes of blues are thrown against black and white designs. Featuring everything from a meditation room to a beautiful courtyard, the entire house is designed to put the mind at ease while offering a unique architectural identity in the heart of China.