House WW

House WW by K2A

Two run-down houses in Brussels become one, with the open space between them transforming into a lovely south-facing garden.

In all of its projects, the Brussels architecture firm K2A supports a dual focus, striving to meet the specific physical and practical needs of each client while simultaneously maximizing environmental factors such as energy efficiency and overall structural sustainability.

This dual focus is epitomized by the K2A rebuild/restoration project House WW. Although it was located in an extremely vibrant and prestigious part of Brussels, the House WW property was originally no more than extremely cheap and poorly maintained rental housing for students and other financially-strapped residents.

K2A took the two houses that occupied this land and combined them into one, taking special care not only to leave the property’s beautiful brick facade intact but to fully restore it to its original 19th century glory. Taking advantage of the open space that formerly existed between the two run-down structures, K2A left a wealth of “generous, luminous” outdoor space in its House WW, including a lovely south-facing garden.