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House of Rolf

House of Rolf by Studio Rolf

An old coach house and salvaged materials find new life in this modern home.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but in an age where consumption is more rampant than ever before, how do we define what trash is and what treasure is? It seems like anything can be thrown away hastily these days; it’s just a matter of finding the right person to see the value your trash. House of Rolf by Studio Rolf is a prime example of waste finding new meaning in the hands of someone with a vision. With the help of architect and designer Niek Wagemans, who specializes in bringing new life to waste and abandoned materials, Dutch architect Rolf Bruggink has demonstrated that waste can be turned into something beautiful.

The house is a conversion of an old coach house from 1895, with the idea of transformation at its core. Bruggnik was able to salvage materials from a building that stood next to the coach house, upcycling and reusing its materials. The result is a transformed home that’s organized into different zones with sculptural living spaces that make up different functions, such as the kitchen and bathroom. At first glance, the overall design is strikingly modern, but upon loser inspection the salvaged materials are utilized within the home adding to the modern aesthetic while also providing character and warmth.