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HODINKEE x Hamilton Intra-Matic 'Champagne'

HODINKEE and Hamilton Strike Again With The Perfect Dress Watch

Priced under $1000, the Intra-Matic Champagne should be your next go-to dress watch.

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$ 845

The two-year collaboration between HODINKEE and Hamilton has yielded yet another stunning timepiece with the release of the Intra-Matic ‘Champagne’. Hamilton and HODINKEE worked closely to refine the design of the 38mm Intra-Matic Automatic, one of the brand’s essential dress watches.

The modifications made to the original Hamilton include a radiant dial with a rich champagne sheen and sunken markers that punctuate the dial every hour. The engraving is slightly thicker at the four poles, lending the dial a natural balance. The strap is supple brown leather, with no visible stitching. The allure of this watch lies in its presentation as a clean, classic vintage timepiece that can be comfortably worn to either a black tie event or a simple dinner out.