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HODINKEE Sedona Watch Strap Collection

The horology experts at HODINKEE introduce a unique collection of watch straps in 10 muted colors.

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$ 165

For the past decade, the watch experts at HODINKEE — named after the Czech word for wristwatch, “hodinky” — have become the most reliable online destination in the world of horology. They’ve released their own branded products in the past, alongside many desirable collaborations, but the new Sedona Watch Strap Collection stands out from the rest of its collection in several key ways.

Composed of high-end French calfskin that comes in your choice of 10 different muted colors, Sedona is the first HODINKEE strap collection with matching all-round stitching. Like its namesake city in Arizona, the Sedona Collection leather has a dusty tone and matte finish that “sits perfectly between an elegant, dressy finish and a vintage, distressed look.” And thanks to its strategically balanced 2.5mm thickness, these straps offer a perfect combination of sturdiness and pliability.