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HiDock - Hybrid Work Booster for Productivity & Privacy

HiDock’s New Speakerphone Is Ideal At Home Or The Office

HiDock combines speakerphone, voice recording, and USB-C hub capabilities into one compact box.

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With $116,000 of their $5,000 goal pledged to date, the HiDock Speakerphone on Kickstarter is officially a go. Given the specs boasted by this little box, it’s not hard to see why. HiDock is compatible with Windows, macOS, and iPadOS, as well as a slew of virtual meeting apps on each operating system. Featuring noise reduction of up to 45dB, the speakerphone also accurately picks up voices from as far away as 16 feet.

The “ZeroOops” panel is loaded with giant buttons, including an extra-large mute button, to help prevent embarrassing audio gaffes. Users can start or stop recording with a touch of a button and even cut off the display should a coworker send a tasteless GIF at an inopportune moment. The HiDock also features a 4K desktop extension, though its primary connection to the computer is via a USB 3.0 that reaches 5Gbps. It also outputs up to 100W of power via USB-C.

All this functionality is packed into a little square box about 4.5” on each side. It’s just over an inch thick and weighs under a pound, so the HiDock will fit easily into most messenger bags and backpacks alongside laptops, chargers, and other business accouterments. Hybrid workers who act quickly can still get $112 Early Bird pricing for the HiDock. Other Kickstarter reward tiers include additional HiDocks, adapters, and a travel case – perfect for carrying it back and forth from the office.

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