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HGK BMW F22 Eurofighter

Ready for some sideways action? This kevlar-clad BMW F22 Eurofighter with 820hp is the ultimate drift machine.

The BMW M2 is considered to be one of the very best driver’s cars on the market today. It’s performance and driving dynamics are often compared to the legendary E30 M3, a car that has appreciated in value quite a bit in the past few years, with good examples demanding a ludicrous $200,000. It’s high praise for the 2 Series’ F22 chassis, as a solid chassis design is the basis for any high performance vehicle.

HGK Motorsport, based out of Riga, Latvia made good use of the F22 chassis with their latest creation, the HGK BMW F22 Eurofighter. The goal was to create the ultimate drifter, which means that they needed a reliable and solid chassis to begin with. They found this in the BMW 2 Series F22 chassis, and with HGK’s new aggressive Eurofighter body kit, this kevlar-clad F22 Eurofighter looks the part as well. Performance wise, HGK strapped a monstrous 820-hp under the hood, paired with Samsonas 5-speed sequential transmission. The resulting vehicles is the ultimate light weight drift car with a high level of attention to detail and finish that seems almost too aggressive for drifting. But hey, if style is as big a part of drifting as performance, we see no fault with this being the ultimate drift machine.