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HAVEN F/W 2021 Collection

HAVEN Unveils Its Fall/Winter 2021 Collection

The Collection uses cutting-edge fabrics to combine style, comfort, and mobility.

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It is always fun to brag about how high-tech an outfit is, and the HAVEN F/W 2021 Collection provides just the opportunity to do so. Just look at all the registered trademarks throughout its product descriptions. They use Storm System® 3L Wool for waterproof windbreaker fabrics, DICROS®, a Japanese polyester for lighter outerwear, and Polartec® MicroGrid, and Polartec 100, two of the lightest fleeces available, for warmer layers.

The aim of HAVEN’s new collection is to allow for stylish, functional outfits that are as warm and comfortable as a thick, layered winter outfit, but without all that extra weight slowing the wearer down. For instance, the Duca Visconti corduroy Dispatch Cap. As nimble and light as a summer cap, but as warm as a winter hat thanks to the cushy corduroy material. Or the Stone Island nylon mix, down-filled jacket, a sleeker take on the classic puffer coat, using a finer grade of down to keep the wearer warm without bulking them up.

The collection comes with a new pair of boots. For these, HAVEN collaborated with a small-scale Italian shoemaker in Onè Di Fonte to take the rugged Canadian military combat boot and turn it into something “functional, elegant and rugged.” Seeing as Canada has recently changed the design of their boots to mixed reception, who knows, Canadian soldiers may soon be coming to HAVEN for their footwear. Combining lightweight, but well-insulated fabrics in a stylish, trendy lineup, the HAVEN F/W 2021 Collection isn’t just more stylish than typical Winter-wear, it’s more comfortable, too.

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