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Globe-Trotter Caviar 4-Wheel Collection

Globe-Trotter’s New Caviar 4-Wheel Collection Offers The Ultimate Travel Upgrade

The collection is now available in 4-wheels, offering an elegant gunmetal grey with a high-gloss finish.

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$ 5,000

Globe-Trotter’s Caviar 4-Wheel Collection redefines luxury travel, offering an exceptional upgrade to your travel experience. This collection, an extension of the highly acclaimed Caviar Deluxe range, now features the convenience and elegance of four wheels. Designed for the modern traveler, the Caviar cases boast a striking gunmetal grey hue with a high-gloss finish, ensuring you stand out wherever your journey takes you.

The Globe-Trotter collection includes the versatile Carry-On Case ($3,245), perfect for short trips fitting seamlessly in most airline cabins. The Large Check-In case ($4,595) offers ample space for longer adventures, while the Medium Check-In case ($3,795) is ideal for week-long getaways.

Crafted from Globe-Trotter’s unique Vulcanized Fiberboard, these cases are lighter than aluminum and tougher than leather. This proprietary material, made from 14 layers of recycled paper bonded with zinc, combines sustainability with unparalleled durability. The iconic leather corners, meticulously crafted over five days, add strength and timeless appeal.

Each detail of the Caviar collection speaks to Globe-Trotter’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Handmade durable handles, bonded for 48 hours before assembly, ensure longevity. The unique serial plaque inside each case lets you track your travels, adding a personalized touch. The luxurious, water-resistant inner lining, customizable to reflect your style, enhances the bespoke feel of each piece.

Security is paramount, and Globe-Trotter’s carbon steel locks provide peace of mind. Easy to use, they lock and unlock with a simple turn. With the Caviar 4-Wheel Collection, Globe-Trotter demonstrates its mastery in blending traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation, offering you the ultimate travel accessory.

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