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Globe-Trotter x The Vampire's Wife

Globe-Trotter And The Vampire’s Wife Unveil Exclusive Luggage Collection

Where craftsmanship and luxury converge.

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Experience luxury travel like never before with the Globe-Trotter x The Vampire’s Wife limited-edition collection. In an exclusive collaboration between Globe-Trotter, renowned for its craftsmanship, and The Vampire’s Wife, the fashion label led by designer Susie Cave, this collection reimagines the world of luxury travel.

This exquisite collection includes Globe-Trotter’s XL Trunk, Cabin, Carry-On suitcases, and Vanity and Jewellery cases. It offers two distinct colorways: The Black Collection features interiors in black sparkle velvet, while the ivory-colored Wedding Collection boasts blood-red interiors, adorned with eye-catching gold-brass hardware and bat-embossed luggage tags.

One standout piece from the Black Collection is the Carry-On – 4 Wheels, an ideal companion for short trips, accepted by most airlines as cabin luggage, priced at $2,695. The Air Cabin, priced at $1,695, maximizes your carry-on allowance with its practical design.

In the White Collection, the Carry-On – 4 Wheels, also accepted as cabin luggage, ensures you’re always prepared for one to three-night getaways. For those seeking maximum capacity, the XL Trunk – 4 Wheels is a modern reimagining of the original steamer trunk, offering approximately 117 liters of storage space for extended journeys, priced at $3,945. Complete your travel ensemble with the elegant Jewellery Case, priced at $2,195, designed to keep your most cherished possessions secure.

These pieces are handmade in England, embodying Globe-Trotter’s signature style, combining Vulcanised Fibreboard with leather trim and removable internal storage. Elevate your travel experience with the Globe-Trotter x The Vampire’s Wife collection, where tradition and modern luxury converge.

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