Tyler, The Creator's GOLF LE FLEUR* Trunk Collection By Globe-Trotter - IMBOLDN
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Tyler, The Creator’s GOLF LE FLEUR* Trunk Collection By Globe-Trotter

Crafted for the modern traveler who values fashion and function.

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$ 6,095+

Globe-Trotter and GOLF le FLEUR* have joined forces once again, this time introducing a stunning leather-covered collection that’s set to redefine luxury travel. Spearheaded by the creative vision of Tyler, the Creator, the GLOBE-TROTTER X Golf LE FLEUR* Trunk Collection showcases Trunk suitcases and a Crossbody Bag, available in an array of dynamic colors including blue, green, and pink.

Crafted with Globe-Trotter’s typical meticulous attention to detail, each piece in the collection features a wooden carcass enveloped in English vegetable-tanned leather, boasting the signature le FLEUR* camo print embossed on its surface. The Wooden Trunk, priced at $10,795, boasts a rich leather exterior, reminiscent of vintage luggage from bygone eras.

For those seeking a more compact option, the Cross Body Bag priced at $6,095 offers a sleek and functional design, perfect for carrying daily essentials while on the move. Crafted with the same premium leather as its larger counterpart, the Cross Body Bag combines style with practicality. With interiors lined in luxurious chenille and leather materials, and adorned with co-branded leather patches, the GLOBE-TROTTER X Golf LE FLEUR* Trunk Collection exudes sophistication and elegance. 

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