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GINA Smart Coffee Instrument

This smart coffee maker elevates your morning ritual by guiding and encouraging you to craft your own coffee.

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The world is getting smarter every day, but that doesn’t mean that we all welcome every device becoming a smart device. There are moments when we prefer the analogue experience of a wrist watch in a world flooded with smart watches, while some are stubbornly holding on to the steering wheel for a purer sense of driving pleasure when autonomous vehicles are quickly gaining traction. We’re not sure what the future holds, but seems like people are more open towards devices that blend the convenience of modern tech with the familiarity of yesterday’s machine.

GINA Smart Coffee Instrument is a device that makes your morning ritual a lot smarter without taking away the familiarity of brewing coffee your way. It’s retro design disguises how smart GINA is, with a built-in bluetooth scale connected to your smartphone that guides you through the process of making french press, pour over, cold drip, or any other style that you want. Instead of a coffee machine that requires you to only drop in a capsule and wait, GINA encourages you to get involved with the coffee making process while being ’smart’ about when to leave things up to you, elevating your morning routine into a real ritual.