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gestalten's 'The Wanderlust Series'

Embark On Epic Hiking Journeys With Gestalten’s ‘The Wanderlust Series’

These travel guides are your ticket to exploring the world’s most breathtaking and thrilling trails.

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As we embrace the new year, it’s never too early to start planning your next adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned trekker or someone looking to embark on your first hiking journey, gestalten’s The Wanderlust Series promises to be your ultimate source of inspiration.

The Wanderlust Series offers a captivating selection of travel guides that cater to every type of explorer. Whether you’re dreaming of long-distance treks, short-day trips, or extended weekend getaways, this series has it all. 

  • WANDERLUST BRITISH & IRISH ISLES: Discover the breathtaking beauty of the British and Irish Isles, where lush landscapes, local history, and timeless culture converge in a mesmerizing way. Stunning photography captures the essence of this region, making it a must-visit for hikers.
  • WANDERLUST USA: Venture into America’s vast wilderness, where diverse wildlife, awe-inspiring vistas, and challenging trails await. From the Grand Canyon’s depths to the towering peaks of Denali, ‘Wanderlust USA’ takes you on an unforgettable journey through 30 remarkable hikes.
  • WANDERLUST NORDICS: Explore the stunning Nordic landscapes, from Norway’s majestic fjords to Sweden’s serene forests, Finland’s enchanting lakes, and Greenland’s icy expanses. The Nordics offer a captivating variety of terrains for hiking enthusiasts.
  • WANDERLUST HIKING ON LEGENDARY TRAILS: Uncover the world’s most legendary hiking paths, from the Narrows Top Down Route to Spain’s El Caminito del Rey and Japan’s Kumano Kodo pilgrimage. ‘Wanderlust’ guides you through enchanting corners of the world, featuring diverse terrains and captivating landscapes.
  • WANDERLUST HIMALAYA: Embark on an epic journey to the Himalayas, where legendary mountains and mythical landscapes beckon. Spanning Nepal, India, Pakistan, Tibet, and Bhutan, this region offers a lifetime of hiking and transcendental experiences.
  • WANDERLUST EUROPE: Europe’s scenic beauty comes to life in this guide, taking you from the Scottish Highlands to the Baltic Sea’s amber beaches, Scandinavian tundra, Alpine peaks, Balkan’s pristine mountains, Mediterranean islands, and the romantic Rhine valley.
  • WANDERLUST ALPS: Explore the majestic Alps, spanning eight European countries. ‘Wanderlust Alps’ charts the region’s most cherished routes, providing comprehensive guidance for your Alpine adventures.

With gestalten’s The Wanderlust Series you’re invited to explore the world’s most exciting trails, each offering a unique and enriching experience. Whether you seek adventure, natural beauty, or cultural immersion, these guides have got you covered. Get ready to embark on unforgettable journeys and create lasting memories on the trails less traveled.

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