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G-SHOCK x Hidden DW5600HDN227

G-SHOCK And Hidden NY Join Forces For The DW5600HDN227 Limited Edition

A timepiece that defies convention and celebrates a groundbreaking collaboration between two iconic streetwear brands.

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$ 170

In a groundbreaking partnership, G-SHOCK and HIDDEN NY have united their distinct streetwear aesthetics to unveil the limited edition DW5600HDN227 timepiece. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as G-SHOCK commemorates its 40th anniversary. HIDDEN NY’s creative prowess blends seamlessly with G-SHOCK’s renowned durability to craft a truly iconic watch.

The DW5600HDN227 draws inspiration from G-SHOCK’s iconic DW5600 model, enveloped in a unique Yakult-like hue of opaque bone resin from case to band. The signature “Past, Present, and Future” mantra of HIDDEN NY adorns the band alongside its logo, both resplendent in a refreshing green color that accentuates the design.

True to G-SHOCK’s legacy, the DW5600HDN227 boasts remarkable shock resistance, an EL backlight afterglow, 200 meters of water resistance, and essential timekeeping features. The watch is a testament to the meeting of streetwear culture and cutting-edge technology.

In a tantalizing teaser, HIDDEN NY hints at a hoodie and T-shirt featuring the watch’s distinctive graphic print. While details about this merchandise remain under wraps, enthusiasts are urged to monitor both brands’ social media channels for updates.

The DW5600HDN227, priced at $170, witnessed an instant sellout during HIDDEN NY’s exclusive members-only sale. For those who missed out, a chance to acquire this unique timepiece will arise on August 24, when it becomes available online and at G-SHOCK’s Soho store.

By fusing the classic aesthetics of the DW5600 with HIDDEN NY’s emblematic white and green hues, the DW5600HDN227 emerges as a sleek, fashionable accessory that resonates with enthusiasts of both brands. This collaboration is a visual embodiment of G-SHOCK’s 40 years of durability and resilience in the watch industry, intertwined with HIDDEN NY’s “Past, Present, and Future” philosophy. As HIDDEN has evolved into an esteemed streetwear brand, this collaboration stands as a testament to the enduring influence of both G-SHOCK and HIDDEN NY.

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G-SHOCK x Hidden DW5600HDN227

G-SHOCK x Hidden DW5600HDN227

$ 170
  • Case Material: Resin
  • Case Dimensions: 48.9 × 43.8 × 13.5 mm
  • Water Resistance: 200 meters