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Function Desk Mat Pro

Minimalistic Function Desk Mat Pro Improves And Protects Workspaces

The super strong Neodymium Magnets attach anywhere on the Desk Mat Pro to keep your cables organized on the workspace.

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Desk mats are nothing new. They’ve been protecting workspaces and tables from damage for decades. Modern desk mats, however, serve numerous purposes that previous mats did not. The innovative Function Desk Mat Pro solves many of the needs of contemporary desk workers. It’s also the first-ever magnetic desk mat and cable management system.

The primary purpose of the Desk Mat Pro is to protect the desk from scratches, water rings, and other typical wear and tear users cause. The premium PU Pebble Leather is attractive and durable, while the faux suede bottom softly protects the desk underneath.

The Desk Mat Pro goes far beyond the call of duty to provide conveniences that office and at-home workers appreciate. Two of those features are the silicone cable managers that attach magnetically to the metal-infused mat anywhere the user pleases. They keep cables in place for an organized workspace that promotes productivity. Searching for cables that drop on the floor is a hassle of the past for those who have the Function Desk Mat Pro.

Users can also pair this magnetic desk mat with accessories, like the Cable Block XL, which serves as another cable organizer and is available in various colors. The optional MagSafe Coaster holds a MagSafe charger snugly in place, so the user can release their phone without bringing the charger with it.

Anyone searching for a desk mat that does far more than protect a surface can find the Function Desk Mat Pro and several workspace-enhancing accessories on the Function website.

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