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Focal Azurys & Haydens Headphones

Elevate Your Ears With Focal Azurys & Hadenys Headphones

Featuring advanced drivers that deliver crisp, clear sound across all frequencies.

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$ 549+

Focal just introduced the Hadenys and Azurys, open- and closed-back headphones, with pricing that makes the purity of high-fidelity sound accessible to as many people as possible. 

The first in the collection, the Focal Azurys (ah zur ees), is a passive closed-back headphone design that delivers an exceptionally immersive listening experience. It utilizes the same Focal technologies found in more expensive models, such as the Bathys wireless cans, and is constructed from the same M-shaped 40mm aluminum and magnesium drivers.

The outstanding frequency response and minimal harmonic distortion rates of the Azurys are carried across to the Focal Hadenys (ah den ees). This open-backed variation retains the stunning contemporary design of its counterpart. Both headphones incorporate the same honeycomb swirl around the can, embossing the brand’s iconic swirling line in the center.

With crisp and vividly detailed acoustic performance, the Focal Azurys & Hadenys Headphones are priced at $549 and $699, respectively. They present a refined finish regarding sound reproduction and aesthetics, with the casing for the AI/mg speakers as gorgeous as the music it presents. The Focal Azurys & Hadenys Headphones are fully wired, making them optimal for lengthy listening sessions on robust home sound systems.

As with other high-end headphones, they require a running-in period to get up to speed. Focal recommends 24 hours of high-volume playback on frequency-rich tracks. The Hadenys and Azurys headphones are expected to be available in June 2024.

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