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FLIR Duo Thermal Camera

Compact dual-sensor thermal imager for drones.

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Drones have made aerial photography and video accessible for the masses. It’s given us a new perspective on our surroundings and a new way to create stunning images. FLIR, makers of advanced thermal imaging systems, introduced a new way to combine their expertise with the freedom that drones offer at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2017).

The FLIR Duo is a compact dual-sensor thermal imager for drones. It’s the same size and shape as most popular action cameras, making it easy to attach to most drones. The 1080p resolution imager supports both digital and analogue HDMI live video output, real-time remote control of camera functions over PWM, and MSX multi-spectral imaging enhancement. Opt for the Duo R for the fully radiometric variant that delivers accurate, calibrated temperature measurements in every pixel.