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Fire & Flavor Hero Grill System

This Premium Portable Charcoal Grill Is Perfect For Summer

Each charcoal pod offers 60 minutes of cooking time and is fully bio-degradable after its use, making disposing of it a breeze.

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$ 100

The Fire & Flavor Hero Grill System lets you achieve the distinctive taste that only charcoal can offer no matter where you are. At under 10 lbs, the Hero Grill System is easy to transport, whether you’re out on the beach by the bonfire or staying warm be an open flame under the twilight at your campsite. The trick that makes the grill system easy to take with you is the vacuum-sealed charcoal pods that are simple to carry along with you. Each pod provides burns for 60 minutes and is fully biodegradable. They remain watertight so lighting them is simple, without the added need of lighter fluid.

The ceramic non-stick grill also comes with a nested thermometer, spatula, cutting board, as well as a waterproof carrying case that keeps its contents protected. The lava stone insulated grill is also dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean and re-use time and time again.