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Ferrari LaFerrari Spider

Ferrari LaFerrari Spider

Here’s a first look at the droptop version of the Ferrari LaFerrari.

After months of teasing and speculation, Ferrari finally gives us a glimpse at the upcoming droptop version of the LaFerrari hypercar. The open top version of Ferrari’s flagship model will most likely wear a new name, but Ferrari has been gracious enough to share a few photos to get our appetites whet.

All we know so far is that the LaFerrari Spider will share the same V12 paired with the electric motor that produces 950hp, and that the removable top will be available in both a carbon hard top as well as a soft top. We expect some mechanical tweaks to be made to the car in order to compensate for the lack of roof, but overall driving dynamics should feel similar to the fixed top version. For official figures, name, and launch dates, we will have to wait for its official launch at the Paris Motor Show in October.

Just in case you were ready to head out the door to put down a deposit on one of these bad boys, the LaFerrari Spider have unfortunately all been spoken for in typical Ferrari fashion.