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Fender FXA7

Fender FXA7 Pro In-Ear Monitor

Fender brings its magic to the world of in-ear monitors.

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For anyone that has held a guitar for even a short while, the name Fender will resonate with some special significance. A favorite among the world’s greatest guitar players, it holds a unique position within the guitar world.

Fender must understand that just as much as you need a great instrument to play great music, you need a special pair of ears to appreciate it for what it is. Maybe that’s why the legendary guitar manufacturer has decided to make their own in-ear monitors. The FXA7 Pro In-Ear Monitor provides lush, realistic audio for musicians that need the most accurate reproduction for concerts or when recording their music. However, the articulate performance and precision clarity can also be appreciated by music lovers anywhere, as it will reproduce your favorite track just the way it was intended to be enjoyed.