Farer Split-Second Flyback Chronograph

Farer Split-Second Flyback Chronograph

The explorer-themed microbrand Farer tries its colorful hand at the split-second flyback chronograph.

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$ 625

A microbrand that knows how to set itself apart from the pack (of millennial watch brands), the UK-designed and Swiss-made Farer has made quite an impact on the industry with its colorful, explorer-themed watches. Upon creating time-only watches, GMTs, divers, and chronographs, Farer tries its hand at a split-second chronograph.

Also called rattrapante or double chronograph, split-second chronographs feature dual chronograph hands, allowing you to time two events at once. And the flyback feature allows these watches to be reset without stopping first for a more accurate lap timing. This particular watch can measure up to 30 minutes in 1/10 second increments.

The Farer Split-Second Flyback Chronograph is available in two versions – the Ainsdale (featuring a rich gloss dark blue dial, sky blue numerals, and raised light orange lume) and the Pendine (with a bright matte heritage white dial, medium grey numerals, and raised mint green lume). Like most Farer watches, the Split-Second Flyback Chronograph comes in a handsome 40mm steel case and a rather thin 11mm height, sapphire crystal, and 50 meters of water resistance.

The Ainsdale and the Pendine feature ETA quartz movements, which contribute to the thinness quite a bit and make these watches much more affordable than Farer’s automatic chronographs.