ERV Electric Camper

The Camper Has Solar Panels And A Washing Machine

Solar panels harness 2,033 watts to power the all-electric ERV Electric Camper, providing the comforts of home when you’re off the grid.

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$ 75,000+

The ERV Electric Camper lets you get off the grid without being off the grid. How’s that, exactly? The camper is entirely run on electricity by way of a 14.3-kWh lithium battery. That power source keeps a litany of amenities running, from a television, refrigerator, and even its own washing machine. Rooftop mounted solar panels produce over 2,000 watts of power to recharge the battery cell, so all it takes to keep the camper running is a sunny day. 

In addition to the amenities which provide each of the comforts of home, this camper is made to take on whatever path lies ahead by being equipped with an off-road suspension and all-terrain tires. The cabin is made from a composite material that doesn’t use any timber, keeping it impervious to the elements. On top of that, the inside of the RV is as lavish as a luxury hotel suite. With all the comforts of home inside of an RV that is built to last a lifetime, you can channel your inner nomad to embark toward whatever destination life’s journey takes you to.