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Elgato Key Light MK.2 Is A Wi-Fi Enabled Lighting Panel For Content Creators

With next-gen connectivity that gives you control from your favorite devices.

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A key light is one of the most important lighting sources in any videographer’s arsenal, whether producing content for YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, or working on short film projects. Providing the principal light source, a key light introduces crisp illumination to enhance ambient light and soften shadows. The new Elgato KEY LIGHT MK.2 delivers an ultra-bright and dimmable key light solution for all types of video content creators who want the option to dramatically enhance their footage. With a spectrum of color temperatures to choose from, it allows for quick adjustments to ensure faces are reproduced with clean and accurate skin tones.

With no ultraviolet light and minimal use of blue light, the KEY LIGHT MK.2 is well adapted for eye comfort over long recording periods. At the same time, it doesn’t sacrifice overall brightness and the ability to fine-tune the settings to create stunning footage. Capable of emitting 2800 lumens of light, the dimmer feature allows users to dial this down to achieve a softer aesthetic.

Controlling the Elgato KEY LIGHT MK.2 is easy, with all settings adjustable via the included app that combines Bluetooth connectivity with a responsive remote-control center. Color temperature and brightness can be altered via the app’s sliders to ensure the accuracy of skin tones and shadows without repositioning the light. With its space-saving design and discreet footprint, the KEY LIGHT MK.2 is a flexible and lightweight addition to any creator’s lighting rig.

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