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ELAC Debut B6

ELAC Debut B6

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For audiophiles, the name Andrew Jones has become synonymous with guaranteed acoustic performance. After all, the speaker designer and engineer had designed the $80,000 Reference One speakers that has been hailed by audiophiles all over the world. His tenure at various brands have left a permanent mark, but his latest move to ELAC America based out of Southern California, marked an especially notable one. Jones’ partnership with the historic high-end German speaker manufacturer gave audiophiles something to look forward to, especially when he announced that he would be taking on the entry level market.

ELAC America introduced the Debut series of speakers aimed directly at the sub $400 market. The range was universally praised, to no one’s surprise, as one of the best speakers for the money and even possibly punching way above it class. The ELAC Debut B6 bookshelf speaker adds more punch to the incredible B5’s sound profile for more bass and dynamic range. The speakers costs $280 USD for the pair, $50 more than the B5, but it will be $50 very well spent. It is perfect for discerning music listeners on a tight budget but want nothing less than stellar sound reproduction. As all of the Debut series and Andrew Jones products do, it packs a real punch for the price and size, which should delight audiophiles all over the world. It shows that not only can he design for the high end market, but he can also create something truly remarkable for the decidedly more difficult entry-level market as well.

Although ELAC may not be a household name in the mainstream market yet, for those that want the best product for what they are paying for, it’s safe to say that there’s nothing that will be able to dethrone the ELAC Debut B6 at this price point.