Division Street by Emerick Architects

Division Street by Emerick Architects perfectly captures Portland's dedication to energy efficiency and local craftsmanship.

Internationally known for its dedication to locally-sourced goods and recycling/reuse projects, the city of Portland, Oregon, is the ideal location for Emerick Architects, and Division Street is the perfect realization of Emerick’s unique architectural vision.

An exceptional example of adaptive reuse, Emerick’s Division Street is located on Portland’s trendy street of the same name. This living space began with a building that was actually a conglomeration of three different structures from three different periods of the 20th century. Emerick reimagined the building as a unified urban oasis that is both modern and timeless.

Emphasizing energy efficiency, Division Street nearly powers itself with approximately 2000 square feet of solar arrays. To create a distinctly artisan aesthetic that permeates the property, Emerick incorporated steel work, stairs, railings, lighting fixtures, cabinetry, doors, stucco, and plaster that were all made from scratch by Portland craftspeople.