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MB&F LM Sequential Flyback Platinum

Discover MB&F’s Latest Masterpiece, The LM Sequential Flyback Platinum

Limited to 33 pieces, the watch features a stunning platinum case with a sky-blue dial plate.

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$ 218,000

Stephen McDonnell, known for the 2015 LM Perpetual and the LM Sequential EVO, is back with an enhanced version of his award-winning chronograph caliber, now featuring a flyback function. The new MB&F LM Sequential Flyback Platinum, limited to 33 pieces, reimagines this complexity in a more classical Legacy Machine capsule. This watch is a horological dream come true, encased in platinum with a sky-blue dial plate.

Released in 2022, the LM Sequential EVO marked MB&F’s first chronograph and 20th caliber, created in collaboration with Stephen McDonnell. His unconventional approach to the chronograph movement, focusing on various practical uses, resulted in a groundbreaking design. The EVO featured two column-wheel chronograph mechanisms linked to a single oscillator, offering numerous timing possibilities. The revolutionary Twinverter switch allowed seamless toggling between four timing modes: independent, simultaneous, sequential, and cumulative. Housed in a resilient 44mm zirconium EVO case, this complex timepiece boasted shock absorption and 80m water resistance, making it versatile for adventurous wear.

The LM Sequential Flyback builds on this sophistication by introducing a flyback function, eliminating the need for stop, reset, and restart phases. Tested rigorously over two years, the Flyback mechanism adds a fifth timing mode. While retaining the dial layout of the EVO, the new model features a 44mm platinum case with longer lugs and polished surfaces. The chronograph functionality is enhanced with flyback capabilities for both chronographs, controlled via pushers and the central Twinverter button.

With a fully integrated dual chronograph flyback movement, the MB&F LM Sequential Flyback boasts 619 components, a 3Hz frequency, and a 3-day power reserve. The beautifully decorated movement, visible through the sapphire caseback, exemplifies MB&F’s commitment to horological excellence. The LM Sequential Flyback Platinum, available for $218,000, is a testament to the brand’s innovation.

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MB&F LM Sequential Flyback Platinum

MB&F LM Sequential Flyback Platinum

$ 218,000
  • Case Material: Titanium
  • Case Diameter: 44mm
  • Movement: Fully integrated dual chronograph flyback manual-winding movement
  • Water Resistance: 30 meters