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Since we’re living in an era where artists will drop an album overnight with no press beforehand, it’s hard to know when (or if) an anticipated release is going to happen. However, there’s been some buzz circulating certain artists and their rumored releases are expected to drop this summer. Here’s a look at what some of the most anticipated albums of summer 2019 are looking like so far.

Post Malone

Post Malone had a great 2018 and ended it with a single that established him as one of the biggest artists in the world. He did plan on dropping an album before the end of last year, so we’ll see how much his craft has matured and if the hits sound as good as the 80s renditions of his work.

Major Lazer

What’s great about Major Lazer is that one never knows what kind of dance music they’re going to put out. However, this album is looking to be their last project together given the group’s time being spent helping other artists and their creative vision. They’ve been putting out fantastic work for the past decade, so it’ll be no surprise that their swan song will remain on our playlists for decades to come.

Busta Rhymes

Yes, Busta Rhymes. That Busta Rhymes. Blaze claims that Busta’s new album had him “nearly in tears” as he listened to the unpolished edits. Grown men are crying over this. The other few who have heard it are saying that it’s going to be the album of the year. He produced Public Service Announcement, so none of these claims seem outlandish whatsoever.


Although she hasn’t dropped an album since 2016, Rihanna has remained busy with a secret film project with Donald Glover and various other projects. Thankfully (for us), she’s well aware that we’re all due for a new album. She said she’s coming, so we’re just going to have to sit here and wait for her to drop that album.

Kanye West

Kanye has been talking about, working on, and pushing back the release date of his new album Yahndi for quite a few months now, so we can only hope it’s for the best. Yes, he was the subject of many discussions in 2018, but hopefully we can get back to talking about his music again in a positive light. Anyway, here’s a video of him skateboarding from last year.

Chance The Rapper

Chance’s new album is a surefire hit, so we’re hoping that he’s spending as much time on his record as he is on Sesame Street or on one of the local newspapers he has recently acquired. Is he going to finish his project with Kanye? Is he going to collaborate with Childish Gambino? We don’t know, but we’re thrilled to enjoy whatever he happens to put out.

Cardi B

Cardi B is a household name with a newborn, so it’s likely she’ll have a lot to say in her next album. We’re also hoping she’ll mention a bit about relationships and maybe add some transparency about her beef with Nicki Minaj, but we can only wait and see.


Drake’s last album had 25 songs and less than half were great, so here’s to hoping he can bounce back with his new record (because we’ll be listening regardless.)

Lana Del Ray

Lana Del Ray is back and she’s still smiling! Yeah. She’s been smiling since 2017 and it was quite a relief for us. However, don’t assume she’s not going for the jugular when it comes to her work. Her new album Norman F***ing Rockwell (the “f word” is what you think it is) lets you know a little about Lana and how she still has her teeth when it comes to her haunting songs that we can’t get enough of.

The Weeknd

Not too long ago, The Weeknd was one of the biggest artists on the planet. Do you know what’s more insane than that? After all these years, he still is. So whether he plans on releasing sci-fi masterpieces or mixtapes of his old work, we’ll keep our eyes and ears peeled to see what it’s all about.


First SZA was going to quit the music business, then she “glew up”, then she had a permanent vocal damage scare. Given this whirlwind of highs and lows, SZA’s upcoming album is going to be phenomenal.

Childish Gambino

I don’t know how he has time for anything between movies, television, and touring, but a few extra tracks on an album (to back the viral hit This Is America) is likely going to happen.


Yes, Nas. He’s your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper and he’s taking a break from advertising for Hennessey to drop an album that will inspire a new generation of rappers to start rapping.


Jay-Z is possibly throwing his hat in the ring as well this summer (and there couldn’t be a better time to do so.) However, whether or not he’s going to take a page out of his wife’s playbook and drop an album without notice is debatable.


Listen, we don’t know the queen, so good luck trying to follow up on this one. Just stay on your toes because she could drop an album without notice AT ANY MOMENT.