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If you carry a wallet, you may wonder why exactly you need to consider a money clip. For many men, it’s the most practical option of all—a sensible style that eliminates the standard bulk and the need to fiddle with an overstuffed bi-fold that may or may not hold the credit card that you need. Enter the humble money clip. The accessory has been around since at least the early 20th century, when they were considered luxury products and status symbols. While it was symbolic of great wealth then, it’s no less luxurious today—but it’s also a little less revered in general social circles.

So what’s the big deal? It’s all about functionality. The modern money clip is available in thousands of silhouettes, colors, and price points. It’s not limited to a particular lifestyle. Men of any age can take advantage of the sleek design. They’re perfect for snugly grabbing your bills and cards and keeping them neatly contained within your front pocket. Instead of reaching for that chunky wallet and rifling through for what you need while a line of people gathers behind you, you can simply grab your money clip, pull out your cash or card, and be done with the transaction in seconds. Naturally, money clips are designed with power in mind. Most are constructed with sturdy, foolproof ingredients that won’t degrade over time, such as stainless steel. Take a peek at some of the industry’s best options.

Craighill Wave Money Clip

If you favor minimalist styles with a twist, the Craighill Wave Money Clip is just right for your wardrobe. The piece is made with heavy-duty 303 stainless steel, which has been squared and brushed to perfection. “Understated” is the overarching theme here. The gentle curves juxtapose the steel’s strength, while the softly dull finish lends it old-world character. Once it wraps around your bills, you won’t even know that it’s there.

The Wood Reserve Solid Cedar Wood Money Clip

Earthy and striking, this money clip from The Wood Reserve is crafted with solid cedar wood. It’s not just the material that sets it apart from the rest, but its eye-catching design. The combination of the smooth wood and soft hue lend it classic appeal. It’s also customizable, so you can just as easily gift it to someone else as you can yourself. And, of course, since it’s made with wood, it’s the ultimate five-year anniversary gift!

Lever Gear Toolcard Pro with Money Clip

What happens when your money clip is more than just a money clip? You get the Lever Gear Toolcard Pro. Made with 420 stainless steel, it’s a welder’s delight. Milled on a CNC machine, it’s been heat treated and bead blasted to the most flawless satin finish imaginable, then treated to prevent corrosion and rust damage. The beauty is that this is a true piece of useful gear: it contains a whopping 40 tools, including the obvious money clip, plus a bottle opener, a box cutter, wrenches, rulers, screwdrivers, a cord cutter, and so much more.

Sabrina Silver Sterling Silver Paper Clip Money Clip

Simple, effective, and beautifully designed, this timeless money clip from Sabrina Silver stands out for more reasons than one. Designed to resemble a jumbo paper clip, it’s made with polished sterling silver. More than just a piece with style and personality, it’s a powerhouse that tightly holds onto your bills like a pro. The shape is so classic and globally recognizable that it makes an outstanding gift idea for men of all ages.

Gerber GDC Money Clip

Clutter? Who needs it? The Gerber GDC Fixed Money Clip artfully redefines organization in the most effective and stylish manner possible. The slender silhouette alone makes it a practical choice for the man who eschews heavy wallets. It’s designed to hold up to five credit cards at a time, and is built for performance: it includes a 1.75-inch fine-edge blade. Don’t worry about accidental scrapes or damage; to release the blade, just press into the thumb grip and pull. It’s impossible to go wrong with such a thoughtfully designed piece.

Ox and Bull Trading Co. 8GB Flash Drive Money Clip

In a world where convenience is king, it makes sense to invest in statement pieces that do more than they advertise. In the case of this Ox and Bull Trading Co. 8GB Flash Drive Money Clip, the benefits far outweigh anything else that you might expect. Made with brushed steel, this sophisticated accessory strikes a subtle tone with its understated design. The bonus? It doubles as an 8GB USB flash drive.

M-Clip® Ultralight V2 Money Clip

This smart, solid, handmade money clip means business. The M-Clip® Ultralight V2 is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum—meaning it will stand up to anything without worry—and is designed to hold a whopping 10 bills and eight credit cards. Those are impressive statistics for such a delicate piece that boasts a deceptively airy appearance. It’s lightweight, sure, but more than holds its own when you need it to hold the most.