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There are few accessories we appreciate more than a reliable timepiece. There’s something so graceful, classy, and enduring about — excuse the pun — a timeless watch that captures attention at a single glance. They’re notable for their good looks, but there’s so much more to them than meets the eye. In fact, it’s often their meticulous construction that intrigues watch enthusiasts and collectors. We’ve set our sights on the very best of the moment, all priced under $1,000.

Shinola The Sea Creatures

Building on the popularity of the Shinola Detrola collection, The Sea Creatures is a playful-meets-powerful watch inspired by the beauty of undersea life. More than just blue, this vibrant timepiece is actually designed with recycled plastic—the very same that otherwise ends up on the ocean floor, threatening the lives and safety of marine critters in the process. Specifically, both the case and strap are made with #tide ocean material® granules and yarn. The former consists solely of ocean-bound plastics that are salvaged and put to better use. Doing your part to save sea life while adding something stylish to your wardrobe? It’s a winning situation all around

Baltic Aquascaphe

Because you dive. Because you can’t seem to pull yourself out of the water. Because life is meaningless without your daily swim. Whatever your draw, it’s important that your timepiece meets your needs. The Baltic Aquascaphe delves deep—some 200m deep, making it a wonderful choice for your underwater adventures but just as appropriate for landlubbers to wear. Specifically, this piece is designed to ensure with materials like double-domed sapphire glass and stainless steel. Featuring a waterproof finish, the watch resists scratches and shock, ensuring it will look its best no matter how often—or where—you wear it.

Yema NavyGraf Marine Nationale

Dubbed the Official Watch of the Marine Nationale, the Yema NavyGraf Marine Nationale is spectacular in every way imaginable. Designed specifically for marine professionals by the French Navy, this military-grade watch was constructed with the utmost durability and strength in mind. Note the distinctive exclamation point markers on the watch face, which throws back to a vintage Navygraf model from the 1970s. A French Navy anchor is embossed on the crown, lending subtle sophistication to the design, while the handsome Marine Nationale crest graces the steel caseback. It’s as much a visual beauty as it is a functional powerhouse.

Suunto 9 Peak

For those who prefer minimal style with maximum impact, the Suunto 9 Peak meets your every need. Enabled with GPS, this smartwatch is everything you could ask of a modern-day timepiece. It’s light yet substantial, with capabilities like heart and oxygen monitors, sleep monitoring, and water resistance. A glance at this sleek accessory confirms its understated appeal: its clean lines are unavoidable, its minimalist look marked by a spare, scaled back look that won’t disrupt a more complex outfit.

Farer Bradfield

Absolutely irresistible, the Farer Bradfield is the type of watch that’s destined to steal a pilot’s heart—even if your piloting only extends as far as the corners of your mind. The beauty of this piece is in its classic appeal. No matter what the lighting conditions might be, this watch is designed for easy visibility, even in pitch blackness. Striking coloring and illumination set it apart, lending this watch an air of superiority. Could it be the lively inner ring that glows in sky blue or the minute and hour hands that radiate in yellow? Whatever the draw, it’s certain that this eye-catching wristwatch is sure to please even the pickiest person.

Tissor Seastar 1000

If watersports are your passion, you need a timepiece that won’t let you down. Why worry about incurring damage when you can slip on the Tissor Seastar 1000? It’s designed to resist water up to 300m, and features a screw-down caseback and crown. Its intensive energy—it’s like the racecar of the watch world—comes courtesy of the wearer. Yep, you’re in control. Just moving your wrist is enough to enable the watch, which features a unique Powermatic 80 movement with 80 hours of reserve powder. Intuitive testing in wet conditions ensure its reliability in the water, so you can be certain it will handle what you put it through with ease.

Junghans Max Bill Automatic

If you don’t need the bells and whistles but demand the luxury, you’ll find it in the Junghans Max Bill Automatic. This beautifully designed watch is replete with the types of fashionable details that instantly set it apart from others of its kind. It’s the type of watch that you can easily wear around the water thanks to 20mm water resistance, but also the type that instantly lends your professional wardrobe some of that old-world charm and character. It’s reserved and gentlemanly, lightweight and beautifully made. The German import promises to be a treasured choice for years to come.