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Welcome to the latest edition of the ‘IMBOLDN Week In Review’, where we take a look back at this past week’s best gears, tech, and style. From awesome rides to the essential tech upgrade for your EDC, we sort through the best items that we’ve featured this week and bring it to you in one easy dose.

In A Clever Tribute To The Holidays, Concepts And Nike Release Dunk High TurDUNKen Shoes

As we’ve come to expect, Concepts infuses humor in the creation of these audacious Nike shoes.

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The Freewrite Traveler Is Built For One Task: Distraction-Free Writing

This lightweight writing tool has a glare-proof e-ink display.

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Harley-Davidson Serial 1 Cycles

Harley-Davidson Announces New E-Bike Under Its Spin-Off Brand, Serial 1 Cycles

The Serial Number One, by Harley-Davidson’s new spin-off brand, Serial 1 Cycle Co., is an e-bike designed to pay homage to a 1903 Harley motorcycle.

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Toblerone Cookbook

The Toblerone Cookbook Offers 40 Delicious Toblerone-Infused Recipes

From Trio Brownies to a Chocolate Mug Cake and no-cook Rocky Road, this cookbook offers delicious, foolproof recipes.

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Gifts For Foodies Under $100

A few gift ideas to kick off the holiday season in tasty form — and they all come in at under $100 a pop.

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