How To Properly Tackle The "Athleisure" Look
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There are several different occasions where one doesn’t need to look their best (i.e. visiting the gym to work out, running errands, etc.), but many still want to turn heads and look stylish when they’re “dressed down”. So given this dilemma that so many individuals find themselves in, many high-end designers have seized this opportunity by creating their own niche of stylish sportswear that looks great – regardless of the mundane task being performed.

Chances are you’ve seen this trend become more common in recent years and it’s likely you may have developed some interest in this style as well. Thankfully, we’re here to give you all the information you need to know about the athleisure wardrobe trend and how to pull it off yourself.

Athleisure looks from AEANCE

What Is The Athleisure Look?

The athleisure look is a combination of different pieces traditionally worn only during a workout. In addition to making your body look great, athleisure outfits are incredibly comfortable.

It’s worth mentioning that this “fad” is only gaining in momentum; with a market value of over $45 billion, many high-fashion distributors have unsurprisingly taken note. Making up at least seventeen percent of the United States clothing market, it should come as no shock that everyone wants a piece of the action. Whether it be sporty tees, running leggings, basketball shorts, or sneakers, there’s no end to what can be worn for high-performance activity… or doing laundry on a lazy Sunday.

A look from Public Rec

What Constitutes An Athleisure Outfit?

Since pinpointing what defines an athleisure outfit is a bit of a gray area, we’re going to explain what to look for when attaining the athleisure look. Such fashionable characteristics you should be on the lookout for are:

Tailored Joggers – Most associate workout pants with shapeless, unflattering sweatpants from college (we’re looking at you fellas). However, advances have been made to modern sportswear that allow one to look great no matter what your body type may be. This is where tailored joggers come in, as they normally have tapered ankles, remain tight on the legs, and have a tapered waist. Many tailored joggers offer perks such as mesh panels, special areas of textural interest, and ankle cuffs. Tailored joggers are comfortable and create a fantastic silhouette, which make them a hot item on the athleisure market.

The Right Brand – Deciding on the right brand is a major factor when it comes to creating your athleisure look. Of course you have the usual suspects – Nike, Under Armour, and the like. But plenty of indie brands have popped up over the past few years, and you’ll want to acquaint yourself with these up and comers. Some of our favorites are AEANCE, Public Rec, and Ten Thousand.  When it comes to choosing brands, feel free to mix and match brands when selecting an outfit. There’s no absolute definition when it comes to what constitutes an athleisure outfit, so feel free to have fun when making a selection.

The Sweatshirt – When it comes to your athleisure look, the sweatshirt is what holds everything together. Since it could be one of the most versatile pieces that your wardrobe has to offer, it’s possible that you can dress them up with an Oxford underneath or keep things simple with a matching tee. As far as colors, try to select something that’s either gray, black, or blue. The reason for this is due to the fact that bold colors or patterns can be difficult to the with pant/short combinations.

Pullover from Ten Thousand

Given the perks athleisure has to offer in terms of comfort and style, it’s no wonder that this once small market is becoming a booming industry with no signs of slowing down. Some people have even gone as far as pairing jewelry with their athleisure outfits, which only screams “Yeah, I want to look great AND relax”. And considering how an athleisure outfit looks and feels, there’s nothing wrong with that mindset.