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CES is always an entertaining show and this year was no exception:It’s no joke when we say that the tech trends on display at CES have the potential to change not only your life, but the world. Here are our favorite tech trends from CES 2019.

Self Driving Cars Level Up

Self driving cars are pretty polarizing—most people either love them or hate them—but you can’t deny the convenience. How much more could you get done if you didn’t have to actually drive to work?

BMW iNext Concept car at CES 2019 .

Previous iterations of self driving cars offered semi-autonomous features, like lane keeping. This year’s CES show debuted Level 3 self driving cars, where the vehicle is fully autonomous for a portion of the drive. No one is going to pry your hands off the wheel of your gas guzzler just yet, but you can expect automakers to roll out connectivity and next-level automation upgrades that make the driving experience safer and more pleasant.

Rolling Devices

Rolling televisions, smartphones, laptops….CES 2019 promised big here and while it didn’t actually deliver – too many companies are still equivocating over what exactly they are going to do with this trend – we have every reason to believe that in the future, we’ll able to able to fold or roll our ultralight tech in our pockets and backpacks for seamless traveling.

We have every reason to believe that in the future, we’ll able to able to fold or roll our ultralight tech in our pockets and backpacks for seamless traveling .

Samsung promised a foldable phone in the first half of 2019 and you can bet once they bring that one out, the competitors will soon follow.

5G is (Almost) Here

We get it: It’s hard to be excited about 5G.

3G to 4G weren’t life changing (convenient, yes), so it’s natural to wonder what will be different about 5G. Trust us when we say literally everything is going to change when 5G rolls out. While previous upgrades increased connectivity for people, 5G has the potential to increase connectivity among Things.

In addition to smarter smart homes, 5G will bring blazing downloads speeds for your mobile device because 5G promises super low latency and mega fast speeds, allow gamers to enjoy, immersive VR environments with no lag, and even lead to breakthroughs in hink robotic surgery.

The Intel exhibit at the 2019 CES show foretells the future of cellular phones with the push into 5G technology.

While we haven’t seen 5G enabled gadgets yet, major companies are talking about what they’re going to do with 5G and those devices are rolling out soon. In fact if you attend the upcoming Mobile World Congress, later this spring, you’ll be able to get hands-on with a ton of 5G devices. 5G is almost here…and we know you’ll love it.

AI is Everywhere

Okay, it wasn’t exactly a surprise to see all the AI at CES 2019. What was an interesting surprise was to se all the new ways that companies are using AI to make things easier. Just as programmable thermostats and smart lights have changed the way we use lamps and heat our homes, new AI innovations might change things like the TV viewing experience through adaptive picture quality and light conditions that change depending on where you are in the room.

Think Amazon Alexa for your car, or your TV, or your laptop.

CES 2019 also saw an expansion in the use of digital assistance. Think Amazon Alexa for your car, or your TV, or your laptop. Voice-engagement has major potential for individuals with mobility issue but it’s also going to change the way that all of us engage not only with our phones but with all devices.

VR is Seriously Almost Here

Yeah, we know, this is another trend that’s been overpromised and underdelivered, but after CES 2019 we really think the tech is going to change in amazing ways. One of the most impressive gadgets was a VR headset with eye tracking from Tobii, which means you can actually control objects in the VR environment with your eyes.

Virtual reality goggles from Huawei amaze visitors at CES.

Other takeaways from the VR on display at CES? One, it seems to be getting unbundled from the need for a dedicated gaming PC, which means for the first time there’s potential for the masses to enjoy VR-style gaming. Two, the blend of buzzwords that’s got everyone buzzing? 4K + VR.

8K Screens Live Up to the Hype

At nearly every CES, there’s a new display that promises to change everything. Think HDR, then 3D, then 4K. Speaking of 4K, it’s so immersive that it seems as good as it can get, considering the human eye can’t really perceive higher resolutions?

With screen signs getting massively larger, trust us when we say that you will definitely see the difference with 8K over 4K.

Where 8K promises to distinguish itself is with screen size. The larger the screen, the higher resolution you need. And with screen signs getting massively larger — in 2009 the average screen size was 36 inches and a of 2018, it’s 48 inches — trust us when we say that you will definitely see the difference with 8K over 4K.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your home entertainment system for something like a 70-inch screen (or better yet, a wall screen), then you should spring for the 8K. It’s worth it.

Augmented Reality Goes B2C

As with a lot of the other trends from CES 2019, it’s less about new technologies and more about a pivot in how existing technologies are used. With augmented reality, the new growth area is in B2C. One trend we’re excited to see is smart mirrors that can change the color of the item you’re trying on, so you don’t have to try on five different shirts to pick which looks best.

Over 4,400 companies had their shiniest new tech toys on display at CES 2019, so this is just a representative sample of some of the innovations most poised to change things this year. While a lot of the promised tech is still in development, one thing is clear so far: Consumers are the bigger winner here.