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Derrumbes Michoacán Mezcal

Derrumbes Michoacán Mezcal Delivers A Leathery-Rich Spirit

Drawing from the fertile soils and climates of the Mexican agave regions, Derrumbes has created a Mezcal that tastes both fruity and herbal.

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The Michoacán Mezcal by Mexican distiller Derrumbes gets lots of well-deserved buzz among mezcal officinados. Originating in the state of Michoacán, one of the agave producing regions in Mexico, the Michoacán Mezcal combines two different agaves – one bright and fruity and the other complex and herbal – which translates into a very well-balanced mezcal. The process used by Derrumbes includes cooking in an underground stone pit with black oak, followed by its fermentation which takes place in an underground wood pit in clay vats. 

Derrumbes also looks to other regions within Mexico to create 5 additional mezcals. From Oaxaca up through Durango, Derrumbes draws on the fertile soils and climates of these regions to develop its line of distinctive and varied Mezcals.