DarkMatter KATIM R01 Ultra Secure Smartphone

DarkMatter KATIM R01 Ultra Secure Smartphone

This high security smartphone protects from not only data breaches but also extreme physical conditions.

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When the cybersecurity firm DarkMatter announced the launch of a new smartphone, we expected the device to excel at the protection of sensitive user data. We weren’t disappointed. After all, the company named its phone after the Arabic word for “silence.”

The DarkMatter KATIM R01 Ultra Secure Smartphone supports airtight communication thanks to proprietary voice/video chat and email platforms that operate in conjunction with secure boot, kernel hardening, and OS/app sandboxing processes. The KATIM also features a shield mode that securely cuts off microphones and cameras for guaranteed privacy.

What we didn’t necessarily see coming from the new KATIM is its outstanding physical durability and nuanced functionality. Field-tested under extreme conditions, this phone withstands “drops, shock, vibration, water, oil and chemicals, temperature shocks and punctures” while allowing you to use its touch screen with wet or gloved fingers. It even has built in weather sensors that measure temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure in real time.