Danner Vertigo 917 Boot

The original Vertigo Boots for the hiking trail, now optimized for both wilderness and urban exploration.

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Both on and off the hiking trail, the original Danner Vertigo Boot has been racking up miles and turning heads for nearly a decade. Now, the company has optimized its flagship boot for both wilderness and urban exploration with the release of the Danner Vertigo 917 Boot.

The Vertigo 917 retains all of the structural support of the classic Vertigo while introducing a significantly lighter sole and twin gores that makes taking these boots on and off far easier. Danner has also made key changes to the aesthetic design of the Vertigo, retaining its classic style while lending it a more streamlined, modern look.

The Vertigo 917 features a Vibram midsole and outsole as well as a leather upper with a fully waterproof Gore-Tex liner. Thanks to is its traditional stitchdown technique and innovative cup sole construction, this shoe combines the durability of a boot with the flexible feel of a sneaker.