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Dainese Harrison

Dainese Harrison Motorcycle Jacket

The motorcycle jacket that blends vintage looks with safety features.

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Bike enthusiasts sometimes get a bad rap because of their outfits, but there’s a reason for the unconventional design, which is to provide the proper protection riders need in case of an emergency. Vintage bike enthusiasts have it easier, since their gear is usually less flamboyant, but in many cases they lack the protective features. However, just because you’re a bike enthusiast with safety in mind doesn’t mean that you have to look like a Power Ranger.

For those seeking a retain the vintage look that reflects their style and matches their bike, the Dainese Harrison Motorcycle Jacket will do just that. What’s more is that it also seamlessly blends in safety features like Pro-Shape protectors in the elbow and shoulder as well as reflecting inserts, so you can ride with the assurance that if, God forbid, the unthinkable should ever happen, you will be in good hands.