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Couch Console

The Couch Console Is A Self-Balancing Drink Holder And So Much More

Never lose a remote or spill a drink on your couch again with the Couch Console to keep you organized.

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Ebite Inc. has announced its successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with its new product, the Couch Console. The console features a flexible modular design that contains four modules including a self-balancing cup holder, a perfectly sized snack cup, storage for remotes and phones, and a handy spacer. The cup holder is particularly impressive, as the innovative gyroscope system guarantees that a cup will stay in a vertical position – regardless of how uneven or soft the surface on which the Couch Console sits. The cup holder fits most standard glasses and users can also lock their glass in place for added stability.

Another unique design feature is the ability to customize the console to fit individual needs. Two cups can be added, for example, by shifting some of the components about. Simply use the spacer to create the needed compartments. The Couch Console also has a USB-C plug, enabling users to keep a smartphone, tablet, and other mobile devices always charged. In addition, the Couch Console’s base is made from recycled foam for an eco-friendly and lightweight construction. According to the company, the console will be shipped in May 2021. Truly, with something this convenient, why would one ever need to get off the couch again?

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