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iPhone technology blends seamlessly with the ergonomic convenience from the golden age of home movies.

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Remember those old camcorders your father used to handle, clumsily trying to capture your awkward years growing up? The footage was shaky and blurry, but the ease of use and accessibility made those home movies such a joy to make and watch. With our phones having taken over recording duties, most dads these days can comfortably pull out their phone to capture their family’s most memorable moments almost instantly, although most seem to suffer from VVS.

The Cinebody takes it one step further by blending the economic convenience from the golden age of home movies with the latest in technology. It allows you to shoot high quality video with your iPhone, while giving you the ability to create ergonomically steady shots with the pistol grip. All you have to do is pop in your iPhone into the case and you can start shooting with the iOS app by pulling the trigger, and pressing again to stop. You can also attach the available wide angle lens and telephoto lens for more creative freedom. Available in either white or black, the Cinebody will conveniently blend the technology of your iPhone with the ergonomics and advantages of professional cameras.