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Mt Saint Helens Candle

Cascadia Eruption Mt Saint Helens Candle

A miniature replica candle of Mt. Saint Helens that will recreate the historic event to enjoy at home.

In the concrete jungle we live in nowadays, it is only natural to crave, well, what is natural. Maybe a subtle hint of mother nature’s awesome power can do the trick, and what better reminder than the historic and most notorious volcanic event in 1980 where a portion of Mt. Saint Helens in Washington State was ejected?

The miniature candle replica of Mt Saint Helens can be lit to serve as a small reminder of the wilderness to take one’s mind off of the cold concrete structures that constantly surround us. Recreated in exact detail, each concrete model comes with two candle tops so you can appreciate the historic event in the comfort and safety of your home as the candle slowly melts to induce the image of the eruption.