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Carlex Design Mercedes-Benz Exy Extreme+

Carlex Design Mercedes-Benz Exy Extreme+

The off-road vehicle’s rugged frame is starkly juxtaposed by a sultry leather interior made in house by Carlex Design.

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Carlex Design makes buying off of the showroom floor seem bland. Their customized designs offer something way more than any Blue Book value could quantify. The Carlex Design Mercedes-Benz Exy Extreme+ is the perfect example of what going off the beaten path can get you. The Polish design firm’s vision is the confluence of custom parts procured to perform in extreme off-road conditions. Its rugged frame is starkly juxtaposed by a sultry leather interior designed entirely by the company itself.

The exterior of the Exy Extreme+ is stacked with add-ons that offer everything you’d need to survive a zombie apocalypse. The vehicle’s roof cover houses a laser lamp that gives you unparalleled visibility even in the darkest conditions along with its “standard” tonneau LED lights. Its 16” steel wheels are appropriately equipped with Cooper Discoverer STT PRO tires. It’s green satin paint gives it a camouflage feel that makes it look like its right at home when it’s off-road.

While the exterior graphic styling tickets, body paint, and pickup design albums give the exterior a bold style, the interior would be better described as lavish. Alcantara and green leather adorn every aspect of the cabin. The Carlex design team harnesses the spirit of the Exy Exteme+’s rugged exterior to complement it with something much more refined. That is notably echoed by the off-road design used to stylize the custom-made converted front seats.

From its off-road pedigree to its sumptuous leather interior, the imprint of Carlex Design is apparent in every aspect of this custom Mercedes. Seeing what’s possible when the team at Carlex lets their imaginations run wild, you wonder why you’d ever buy anything factory-made again.