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Bycle iPhone Bike Mount

Use your phone’s GPS and video recording features with this cleverly designed bike mount.

The iPhone is powerful tool that has the computing power to process incredible amounts of data. For those that exclusively use it to upload Instagram photos and look up best places to brunch, you’re under-utilizing a powerful tool that we carry every day. There are many ways we could utilize the iPhone, but it’s slim form factor makes it impractical to use in certain situations, one of which is cycling.

Bycle is a bike mount that allows you to utilize your iPhone’s GPS and video recording capabilities to enhance your experience on the bike. It takes advantage of the capabilities of your iPhone while providing the mount and other necessary features for it to work while on a bike. With its dedicated app, you can measure your distance, calories, and speed, track your routes on a map, use the GPS navigation system, and even record your ride with your iPhone’s camera thanks to the embedded else that correctly adjusts its angle.