Bumbu XO Rum

Bumbu XO Rum

Another noteworthy spirit from Bumbu’s historic distillery in Barbados.

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$ 45

Building on the success of its flagship rum (The Original), Bumbu is churning out another noteworthy spirit from its historic distillery in Barbados. A premium upgrade of The Original, the Bumbu XO Rum is aged for up to 18 years in bourbon barrels before being transferred to finish in Spanish sherry casks of white oak.

The result is an impeccably-balanced 80-proof rum that is great in all manner of cocktails but even better when sipped neat or on the rocks. Its flavor profile includes overtones of peppery spice and orange zest with just a touch of black coffee. Distinct aromas of vanilla, toffee, and toasted oak also define the tasting experience.

The elegant flavor and mouthfeel of Bumbu XO Rum is echoed by its packaging. Stopped with a natural cork, this rum comes in a matte black finished bottle with raised detailing and a distinctive silver “X” medallion.