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BULLET2.0 Stereo Earbuds

The world’s smallest wireless earbuds.

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Even just a decade ago, truly wireless earbuds were only something that was possible in sci-fi movies. We’ve always aspired to completely cut the wire for the ultimate freedom, but it wasn’t until fairly recently that it’s become a viable reality.

BULLET2.0 Stereo Earbuds are the world’s smallest stereo earbuds that offer true wireless freedom thanks to Bluetooth 4.1. It features a built-in microphone, CVC active noise reduction, echo cancellation, and multi-point connectivity so that you can enjoy you conversation or music. The high capacity 2100mAh charging case can provide up to twelve full charges to your earbuds, and the case can also act as an additional power source when your mobile devices are running low on juice as well. It’s portable, compact, and lightweight, making your hands-free calls and music listening easy and convenient anywhere.